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The same unique expression. 40 years time difference.

This is probably the greatest post I have ever seen on tumblr. Ever.

She’s still so beautiful.

she is stunning .

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Noel plays Leave It, Yeh with Alice Levine on BBC Radio 1, 17 August 2014

oh gosh is this noel’s love call to julian? julian, he needs you! he even proves it to you in song format.  

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Cup of tea anyone? Joseph Lynn’s Instagram

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Caffeine - August/September 2014

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I used to paint ice cream vans. An ice cream man said, “Will you paint my van? I’ll give you whatever, 30 quid.” This was when I was young, and I did it, and another ice cream man saw that van and went, “Can you do mine? Mine needs redoing!” So before I knew what was happening, one summer holidays, I had like 26 vans to paint. It got really boring, just drawing like, Pluto or you know, whoever, on the side of a van. The Pink Panther. It was a nightmare, but I was loaded! And I got free, I got free lollies, as well.
Noel Fielding playing “Leave It Yeh” with Alice Levine on BBC Radio 1 (via heartrachel)
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From Joseph Fink's twitter: Seems this should be obvious but 1st Amendment gives freedom of speech not freedom of speech without criticism or societal consequences. If someone criticizes or protests you they are not vilating your first amendment rights. That is the first amendment working correctly. Protests and criticism are not censorship, your first amendment rights are fine, and it's YOU who is overly sensitive.

Petition to have Joseph Fink teach a class on how to not be a shitty showrunner to all shitty showrunners.

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What is this?! I want to watch it!

Hank! This is Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy! I sent you an ask about it too, but just in case I can put this gifset back on my blog again. 

You can find series 1 here:

And series 2 is unfortunately only on 4OD at the moment… 

Also I hope you have heard of The Mighty Boosh… 

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…Where will I go today, who knows? But I shall be carried.”

-Ron Funches (x)

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